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Expanders in your ears

Expanders in your ears

The problem of earlobe stretching is discussed in detail in the article “Tunnels and ear plugs“, yet we are increasingly experiencing online chatting with questions about how to proceed and what piercing tools you need to stretch. And since long articles are hardly read by anyone today, we have prepared a very brief guide for you to do that.

First, you need a hole in your earlobe. It is good if someone who has experience with it stretches it to you. If the hole does not fit properly, you will probably have problems when stretching your ears, or the desired diameter will not be reached at all.

If you already have a hole, you need to get some tools for proper stretching, which is best served by a classic spreader. It is indifferent whether you choose a straight spreader (photo 1) or a spiral-shaped expander (photo 2). The function of both is exactly the same, so it’s purely about which shape you like more. The most used material from which the expanders are produced today is acrylic, it is a lightweight material that can be easily inserted into the earhook thanks to its smoothness. Acrylate can not be sterilized because it can not withstand high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it with lukewarm water with antibacterial soap. If you crawl over an acrylic stretcher, do not make a mistake. We have proven very well also 316L surgical steel (photo 3) and glass (photo4), which can easily be disinfected with brewing and especially at the beginning of stretching, and with fresh piercings helping to maintain good fit. To acquire an acrylic expander, the best convincing argument is its favorable price.

At the beginning, we always recommend stretching only 1mm. It is therefore good to buy 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 millimeter diameter diameters. Then the hole in the earlobe is more relaxed, so it can be two millimeters. Depending on which target diameter you want to reach, we have expanders up to 24mm in our offer.

If you are inserting a spreader into the earhook, it is usually necessary to proceed slowly and using a lubricant. The petroleum jelly is well served, or the deer carp, if any ear is already healed, any skin cream can be used. Insertion should never hurt you. It is true that you need to proceed slowly. We recommend that you stretch first by a maximum of 1mm per month, later by 2mm. In conversations and facebook, people are often overtaken, how much they can stretch their ear a month, they even mention a few centimeters a month, but they mostly think. If not, then their rush can later be returned to them in the form of an elongated part of the skin, or even in a broken earlobe.

In the stretching process, it is also possible to pass through tunnels and plugs of suitable diameters.

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