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Belly button piercing for pregnant

Belly button piercing for pregnant

We have included a new type of piercing that will welcome all expectant mothers both before and after delivery. It is a good opportunity to describe to you how pregnancy piercing changes occur and that it is not necessary to surrender the piercing, without compromising the health of your child or child, as often read in various articles on the internet.

There are many myths and superstitions about the piercing in the belly during pregnancy, for example, we can see, for example, that the piercing can damage the fetus or that it may cause it to develop. The vast majority of these guaranteed reports, however, are not based on the truth. Each piercing is individual, much depends on how the puppy looked before pregnancy. If the puppy was, for example, protruding or deep, whether the wearer of the piercing was skinny or obese and the like. Not only does the development of piercing develop during pregnancy.

For some women, rather for those obese or with a shallow navel, it may be that the effect of the growing abdomen on the skin is so prolonged that it is necessary to replace the piercing sooner rather than later. Replacement can be done ideally just by using a medical bioplastic pregnancy banana, which is not only long enough and can be shortened arbitrarily but its rod is also flexible and therefore easily adaptable to the actual shape of the belly button. After the pregnancy, in most cases, the banana can be shortened to the original size used by the wearer before pregnancy.

Of our experience, we also know many women who did not experience a significant stretch of skin around the belly during pregnancy, so they could wear a standard jewel without having to change for a longer time, and in any case negatively affect the pregnancy. However, in all cases, it is necessary to take the piercings briefly during medical examinations (SONO) and during delivery when required by doctors.

Some women are afraid that if they have a piercing of the belly button in its vicinity, it may cause stretch marks. The fact is, however, that the piercing does not affect the appearance of the strips. If you have stretch marks, they will do it, and whether or not you have a piercing in the belly button does not really matter.

As this is only a skin lesion piercings, there can be no health complications during childbirth or negative effects on the baby. It is important to monitor the current condition of the skin and always adjust the size and shape of the jeweler so that it does not push anywhere and its wearing was not unpleasant. If, despite all the caution, the piercing holes are injured, care should be taken in the same way as a new piercing to avoid the risk of a possible infection.

A lot of women do not have a belly in their condition before, so they decide not to wear the piercing, but most of our clients are going through the belly button piercing without any problems. While adhering to the basic rules, it is not necessary to fear the belly piercing during pregnancy.

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