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Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing is again very popular, especially for young women. Recently, the demand for its implementation is even more common than the belly piercing. Some ladies want to have piercings of both nipples so that everything is pretty symmetrical, others will only be satisfied with one pierced nipple. Today we show the most common types of piercing jewelry for nipple piercings and the most common designs.

The most suitable jewel in a fresh nipple piercing is clearly a dumbbell or Barbell (photo 1), made of titanium. Ideally, only the material with a diameter of 1.6 mm is used for fresh nipple piercing. Thin material is inappropriate because it is uncomfortable to wear and the body can in exceptional cases completely eliminate it. The length of the dumbbell always depends on the specific shape and size of the nipple, usually ranging in men from 10mm to 12mm and in women from 14mm to 18mm. The nipple needs to be measured in the quiescent state and used with about 3-4 millimeters longer rod. For cleaning and good healing, you should always choose a longer stick of piercing jewelry, after healing the piercing changes to shorter. Healing can sometimes take several months. Elderly women and children of children usually have far more suitable nipples to perform this type of piercing, and hence the healing time is significantly shorter.

After healing, of course, the dumbbell can be replaced for many types of other piercings and also stretched to the extreme diameters. Various designs of BCR rings (photo 2), horseshoes, segments, and special jewelery specially made for nipple piercing (photo 3 and 4) are commonly used. Larger diameters use lighter materials such as acrylic or titanium because of the weight. Although this is not common, there are users who have even tunnels left in the nipples, but they have to be made to order. Classic in-ear tunnels are not used because they are not wide enough. Men are predominantly nipple stretching, women are dominated by various ornaments and jewelry often with plenty of glittering stones. Since the nipple piercings are back to fashion, the number of jewelery from the piercing manufacturers increases proportionally.

Women often ask if their nipple piercings will affect during pregnancy. In most cases, it is necessary to take the piercing at the time of breastfeeding, in pregnancy the piercing itself does not matter much. In some cases, you can put the jewelery back on the end of the breastfeeding process, in most cases the hole is very fast when you remove the jewelery and you need to re-insert the jewelery.

There are plenty of women who have so-called invisted nipples. It is often a congenital deformation of the breast where the center of the nipple is not protruding as it is usual, but it is sunken inside (photo 5). Someone may feel unsteady and breastfeeding problems may also occur. Women often perceive this minor deviation very intensely, desperate and undergoing surgical procedures to change the appearance of their nipples. In most cases, simple nipple piercing can help them. When the piercing jewel is inserted properly, the center of the nipple is drawn outwards and the nipple looks completely normal (photo 6). The application of piercing is complex in this case and more experience is needed, the result achieved is usually much better and incomparably cheaper than surgery.

With piercing of the nipple, even in the several years of healed piercing, it may happen that the piercing is irritated, for example, by the penetration of some dirt, or by marking the jewelery of clothing. The area around the piercing will usually swell and swell. It is often necessary to proceed in such cases as if the piercing was completely fresh and often more complicated to replace the jeweler after a simple titan dumbbell and wait until the area around the piercing calms down again.

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