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Septum piercing

Septum piercing

Septum piercing

is the name for the nose piercing piercing. This is a piercing whose execution is very fast, but the painfulness of this procedure is very individual. While for one the application is unpleasant and quite painful, others tolerate it very well and do not complain about the pain, the tearing eyes at the time of application and a few tens of seconds afterwards, it is almost everybody. Even if you have a perfectly straight nose, you can have a curved nose barrier (photo 1), which may not be visible from the normal view. In the case of a significant curvature, Septum piercing can not be done so that the piercing jewel acts symmetrically and does not deviate anywhere. In this case, every good piercer will refuse to do this type of piercing because you are simply not physiologically adapted to him and never look good.

In the time of about ten years ago, Septum piercing was the exclusive prerogative of men, and its occurrence was not uncommon. Nowadays, Septum piercing is most common among young women.

For Septum piercing are most commonly used horseshoes – Circular Barbells (photo 2), rings – Ball Closure Ring (photo 3), segments and possibly bananas (photo 4). The most practical type of jewelry for healing is horseshoe, for several reasons. In case you need to hide the piercing, you can turn the horseshoe in the direction of the nasal holes and simply hide it in seconds before the surroundings. This will be especially appreciated by people who might be in trouble with this type of piercing jewelry. Thanks to screws, horseshoes are also quite easy to use, unlike segments where you can not usually do without help. From the point of view of jewelery, black and gold colors and special rings for Septum piercing are nowadays trendy, which are planted with stones and have an easy closing mechanism (photos 5 and 6).

For septum piercing there are also special U-shaped jewelry (photo 7), which are worn only hidden inside the nose. This type of “U” is suitable for a well-healed piercing and is used in cases where the wearer of this piercing can not wear any visible jewelery but does not want to remove it to avoid piercing the piercing holes.

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