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Tunnels piercing and plugs piercing

Tunnels piercing and plugs piercing

The stretching of the holes in the ear

The stretching of the holes in the ear lobes has been done in ancient times, and even nowadays it is again very popular and popular. This article tells you how to stretch your ear lobes and how to take care of them later.

There are countless different types, shapes and sizes of tunnels, plugs, and expanders that can be used in extended earhooks. It is made of various metals and their alloys such as Stainless Steel 316L, titanium, silver, gold, bronze, glass, stone, plastics, but also organic materials such as wood, horn, bone or pearl.

Ideal is to start stretching very well healed holes and proceed very slowly, at most 1mm per month. For stretching the holes in the ear lobes, it is essential that they fit, preferably at the center of the earlobe. A high-pitched hole can be more difficult to stretch and much longer, while the low-positioned can be stretched very quickly, but only in smaller dimensions, and there is also a risk of tearing the earlobe in this case.

Magnification of the holes

Magnification of the holes can be done with the help of different spreads (straight flat cones or curved spirals that are gradually expanding) as well as piercing earrings, which are gradually exchanged for a stronger. We recommend increasing the diameter by a maximum of 1mm per month. This process of changing piercing earrings (eg, BCR rings) is gradually becoming more powerful, and is the best way to start spreading classic holes. If surgical steel rings are used, their weight is also advantageous in this case, which will help to make the holes better and faster.

Most people want to stretch the holes as quickly as possible, but if it does not progress very slowly, it can damage the skin, which, due to rapid stretching, can not be released sufficiently, and the pressure that the expander can exert on this skin may cause it to be pushed out, ear lobe, or cracking it. Often, such damage is irreversible, but in this case it is ideal not to continue to stretch, but instead to replace the expander with a smaller one, preferably remove it completely for some time and allow the pin to retract to a smaller size and resume the next stretching until complete healing and very slowly and carefully.

Any porous or organic earrings are not suitable for any injury or hole damage. It is necessary to choose a material that is easy to clean and disinfect. When stretching, it is always necessary to lubricate the earring or spreader, preferably with white medical petroleum jelly, but if the holes are not stretched during stretching, it is advisable not to use any healing ointments or creams, but to proceed as in the healing of a new piercing (see article ” piercing “) and take care of increased hygiene due to the risk of possible infection.

Tunnels and Plugs

All tunnels and plows need to be maintained and regularly cleaned or disinfected. Each material requires different maintenance. Metal jewelery must be removed at least every two days, thoroughly washed with soap and water and cleaned from the sebum that is formed and settled here. For metal and glass tunnels, expanders or plugs it can be used to clean various disinfections as they do not damage the surface.

If the metal tunnels or plows are not regularly cleaned, the grease that is deposited on them will start to smell very unpleasantly. Similarly, acrylic and silicone tunnels, plows and expanders need to be cleaned, but it is not appropriate to use any alcohol disinfectants when cleaning them, as they may be damaged. The advantage of silicone tunnels is their flexibility and ease of use.

They can also be used very well when stretching, as the silicone tunnel can be squeezed lightly and inserted into the holes of a smaller size, where it again turns off and thus extends the hole slowly. However, even in such a way of stretching, it is necessary to proceed very slowly so as not to damage the holes.

Very popular are tunnels and plows of various organic materials for common wearing into expanded holes. However, they must also be regularly removed and cleaned (at least once every three days), but they are much less sebum on the metal and almost do not smell. It is ideal to use soapy water to clean them, then thoroughly dry and lubricate with linseed oil or white medical grease. It is not advisable to use any alcohol disinfection, as with acrylic or silicone, as this may damage the material.

Stretching ears

The stretching of the holes in the earlobes is very common today, but it is also important to tell what to do if someone decides not to carry this type of piercing.

If the hole is stretched very slowly and does not stretch when it is damaged, it is more likely to retract to its original size before stretching. It also depends on how long the ear lobe was stretched and the size. It is possible to completely retract the hole that has been stretched to 20 mm, but it is rather exceptions, in most cases, the holes

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